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About Us
As the producer of BLR Mobile, we aim to increase your chances of winning by making the right choices with our application that we have made for those who love betting and winning. Using our application, you can view extensive statistics of bets from around the world.

By examining the betting percentages, odds and volumes of the matches, you can choose the matches you will bet on more accurately. For example, by examining the matches, betting volumes and percentages listed in the moneyway section, you can see what amounts of bets were placed on the match you have viewed worldwide.

Apart from that, by examining the matches listed in the dropping odds section, you can see which match's odds have changed in what direction. Before making a bet, you can decide your preferences according to the odds changes.

If you do not want to deal with all these details, or if you are unsure about which matches to bet, you can get help from the BLR Picks section. By examining the matches selected by the special algorithm, you can use them in your bets and increase your chances of winning.

As Betliveradar, we always work for you to win in your bets. Please send us your opinions and requests about our application.